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We are providing 1 to 1 home tuition for you with maximizing potential with individual attention.

Message from the CEO

Best home Tuition in Guwahati | Personal Guru Home Tuition Tuition in Guwahati

Mr. Mukhlesur Rahman

CEO - Personal Guru

To have a dream and an aim is very important. Equal is the importance of fulfilling dreams. When someone is deprived and their dreams are not fulfilled, life becomes dull and uninteresting. And to make dreams come true, we have brought to you the 1 to 1 personal mentoring cum home tuition for Class 6 to Class 12.

With the vision of making education reachable even to the remotest corners of the nation, we have been working diligently in Personal Guru.

We also have a fully residential coaching program for NEET and JEE students with 100% seat guarantee.

 Hope to see you soon.

Why Home Tuition?

Every child is different and unique. Their ability to capture and learn is different. If a customized approach is followed which will be compatible for the student., It will bring out the truest potential of the students, and they can be transformed into the best version of themselves academically. It is possible only through home tuition where the student gets adequate personal guidance, care, and mentoring.

Best home Tuition in Guwahati | Personal Guru Home Tuition Tuition in Guwahati

Our Approach to Home Tuition in Guwahati

We, at Personal Guru have devised a robust system for conducting home tuitions in Guwahati with a primary focus on the holistic growth of every student. We do SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis of every student to understand them from the core. Then we prepare a custom roadmap for exponential growth in the learning potential and academic outcome of a student to ensure sure success and bright future.

Best home Tuition in Guwahati | Personal Guru Home Tuition Tuition in Guwahati

How we ensure high quality teaching

We recruit highly qualified teachers gradually from top institutes of the nation. We then train them systematically for 14 days by teachers who have experiences over 10-15 years.

Medium of Study

We are trying to cover almost all the mediums of North East India.





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We provide home tuitions in Guwahati for Class 6 to Class 12 students for almost all subjects.

Class 6

All Subjects

Class 7

All Subjects

Class 8

All Subjects

Class 9

All Subjects

Class 10

All Subjects

Why Choose Us?

We are the most professional home tuition provider in Guwahati with highly trained and experienced faculties. You will get a taste of our professionalism and quality in a single demo class. Following are the attributes that make us the best home tuition in Guwahati. 

Best Home Tuition in Guwahati

There are many home tuition providers, who provide teachers working part-time. On the other hand, our teachers are full-time whoo fully dedicate themselves to teaching. Such dedication of teachers coupled with our testing analysis and other management aspects make us the best home tuition in Guwahati.

Student Specific Customisation

For every child, the pedagogy has to be different and unique. We first understand the students from the core and then customize our study plans and methodology for obtaining the maximum possible academic outcome.

Holistic Growth Based Approach

The students need to learn not just what has been given in the books but a lot more things from outside the books to keep up with the latest advancements. These factors have been well incorporated in our system for home tuition in Guwahati for overall growth of the students.

Tutors from top institues

In order to be the best home tuition in Guwahati, we have a very strict teacher recruitment policy wherein we hire highly qualified and experienced faculties from the top institution s across the nation.

Very student friendy

Student's performance reaches the top when they are happy and they take a genuine interest in the subjects. Students take interest in any subject only when they understand the subjects. This is only possible when the teachers make the concepts lucid to the students in a very student-friendly way. This is exactly what we do with our home tuition in Guwahti.

Affordable Rates

Education should be made affordable so that it may be availed by the maximum number of students and parents. With this objective on mind, we have kept the fees very nominal for home tuition in guwahati.

Flexible Timings

Students and parents normally have a very tight schedule because of various planned activities. That's why we give complete flexibility for home tuition in Guwahati. Students can choose any time slot as per their convenience.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

As a service provider, customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and all our systems are aligned accordingly. We keep the students and parents happy and satisfied by providing the best in class service.

Other Services

Further, we also provide the following services


  • NEET






  • NTSE


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How does the home tuition service by Personal Guru work?

    For availing home tuition service by Personal Guru, the students/parents will have to book a demo class or take admission. Our team will provide all required details so that the students/parents may take a decision about demo class or admission. Upon demo class or admission confirmation, the Academic Officer will contact the students/parents and go to their homes with the teacher. Then together they will conduct the SWOT analysis to understand the student from the core. Then the teacher will give the demo class. The academic officer will make a study plan and the classes will continue as per the plan.

  • 2. Does the admission fees or security amount cover the tuition fees?

    No. It doesn’t. The security amount is fully refundable after the tuition period.

  • 3. What are the payment modes?

    We accept offline as well as all major online payment modes.

  • 4. May I talk to the tutor before I book the class?

    Yes. The student/parent may talk to the teacher before booking the classes. If not sure about the tuition, it’s we suggest the students to take a free demo class.

Best home Tuition in Guwahati | Personal Guru Home Tuition Tuition in Guwahati

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