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Education should be made affordable so that it may be availed by the maximum number of students and parents. With this objective on mind, we have kept the fees very nominal for home tuition in Guwahati.

Hourly (Starts from)

Rs. 500

Monthly (Starts from)

Rs. 6000

Yearly (Starts from)

Rs. 55000


General FAQs

  • 1. Where to get Home Tuition in Guwahati?

    You can Home Tuition Guwahati, but there may be difficulties to find a professional and experienced home tuition provider in Guwahati. To short out this issue of qualified home tutors we at Personal Guru providing best in class home tuition services with highly experienced, qualified, and trained tutors from top institutes.

  • 2. Process to get Home Tuition in Guwahati?

    You may get referrals from your friends or find someone offline. Also, You can register for home tuition services with Personal Guru online. Register Here.

  • 3. Is Home Tuition required for every student?

    Now-a-days, Home tuition is required for every student from class 6 to class 12.

  • 4. What is the fee for Home Tuition in Guwahati?

    The Fee for Home Tuition in Guwahati depends upon the area and the service providers. Every tutor may charge a different amount. But Here at Personal Guru, we charge the same amount for every location in Guwahati. See our Pricing Here.

  • 5. Which is better, Home Tuition or Coaching?

    Of course, Home Tuition is better than Coaching Classes. But in Some cases like for preparing for entrance exams or competitive exams Coaching classes may be better. Personal Guru Also provides Residential Coaching for NEET/ JEE with 100% seat guarantee

  • 6. Advantage of Home Tuition over Group Tuition?

    Home Tuition is provided through 1 to 1 communication and learning process. That is why a tutor can understand the student's learning method and capability and can provide tuition in a student-specific way. But in group tuition, this is not possible as there may be many students in group tuition.

  • 7. Why Home Tuition is essential?

    Every child is different and unique. Their ability to capture and learn is different. If a customized approach is followed which will be compatible for the student., It will bring out the truest potential of the students, and they can be transformed into the best version of themselves academically. It is possible only through home tuition where the student gets adequate personal guidance, care, and mentoring.

  • 8. Who is the best Home Tuition provider in Guwahati?

    There are many home tuition providers, who provide teachers working part-time. On the other hand, our teachers are full-time whoo fully dedicate themselves to teaching. Such dedication of teachers coupled with our testing analysis and other management aspects make us the best home tuition in Guwahati.

  • 9. Online Tution is better or Offline home Tuition?

    Obviously, Offline tuition is better than online tuition as a student can communicate and clear his doubt instantly face to face. 

  • 10. What are the subjects taught by home tuitors in Guwahati?

    You can find tutors for all subjects from class 6 to class 12 for home tuition in Guwahati. Personal Guru provides home tuition for all subjects from class 6 to class 12.

  • 11. What is the timing of home tuition in Guwahati?

    There are no fixed timings for Home tuition in Guwahati. Some Tutors may have fixed timings for providing tuition. But at Personal Guru you can choose flexible timing for home tuition in Guwahati as per your convinience.

Personal Guru Related FAQs

  • 1. How does the home tuition service by Personal Guru work?

    For availing home tuition service by Personal Guru, the students/parents will have to book a demo class or take admission. Our team will provide all required details so that the students/parents may take a decision about demo class or admission. Upon demo class or admission confirmation, the Academic Officer will contact the students/parents and go to their homes with the teacher. Then together they will conduct the SWOT analysis to understand the student from the core. Then the teacher will give the demo class. The academic officer will make a study plan and the classes will continue as per the plan.

  • 2. In which areas Personal Home tuition service is available?

    Personal Guru home tuition service is available in all the areas of Guwahati City. Our office is in Kahilipara, Guwahati.

  • 3. What is the process of taking admission?

    The student/parent will have to fill the registration form. Our team will then contact the student/parent and understand the requirement in details and assign the most suitable teacher. The teacher and the academic officer will visit the student’s home on the scheduled date and time and complete the admission formalities (form fill-up, security payment collection etc.). The student/parent may alternately call/WhatsApp Personal Guru team at 7896165641 and share the details of the requirement.

  • 4. How much is the monthly/hourly fees for the home tuition?

    The fees depends on a lot of factors like the class, the subjects, experience of teachers and so on. The hourly rate varies from Rs.300 to Rs.600. Students/parents are instructed to talk to Personal Guru team to get the idea of the fees for the tuition they need.

  • 5. Is there any admission fees?

    Yes. There is a one-time admission fees which is valid for 2 years. Even if the student has to discontinue the classes for some reason, and rejoins later within 2 years, he/she won’t have to pay the admission fees.

  • 6. Is there any security amount?

    Yes. Security amount is equal to one month’s tuition fees.

  • 7. Is the security amount refundable?

    Yes. The security amount is 100% refundable after the completion of the tuition period.

  • 8. Where does the classes take place?

    The classes take place at the student’s home or at Personal Guru campus or any convenient place as decided by the student/parent.

  • 9. Minimum how many classes need to be taken per month?

    Minimum 12 classes have to be taken per month.

  • 10. Is there any combined packages for entire subject multiple subjects?

    Yes. If a student makes booking for a longer period, like 6-12 months or more, the tuition fees reduces. The tuition fee reduces also when the student takes tuition for multiple subjects.

  • 11. Does the admission fees or security amount cover the tuition fees?

    No. It doesn’t. The security amount is fully refundable after the tuition period.

  • 12. What are the payment modes?

    We accept offline as well as all major online payment modes.

  • 13. May I talk to the tutor before I book the class?

    Yes. The student/parent may talk to the teacher before booking the classes. If not sure about the tuition, it’s we suggest the students to take a free demo class.

  • 14. Is there any Demo class?

    Yes. We provide one demo class which is completely free.

  • 15. The Demo class is paid or free?

    The demo class is completely free.

  • 16. What if I’m not satisfied with the tutor? Can I replace my tutor? If yes, how may I change my tutor?

    If the parent/teacher is not satisfied with the tutor, they may talk to the academic officer and request for a different tutor.

  • 17. Do you compensate the classes if the tutor takes leaves for some days or misses any class?

    Yes, additional classes are provided against all the missed classes.

  • 18. Do you provide any guarantee improvement in grades?

    With the teaching methodology we use, it is sure that the grades the continually grow if the student follows the study plans.

  • 19. Who are the tutors or instructors?

    Our tutors are graduates from top institutions from all across the nation.

  • 20. What courses are taught through home tutor?

    We teach all courses under CBSE, SEBA, AHSEC, ICSE etc. We provide tuition for all the subjects under these boards.

  • 21. How is the quality of the teachers? How do you ensure quality of the teachers and their teaching?

    We recruit highly qualified teachers gradually from top institutes of the nation. We then train them systematically for 14 days by teachers who have experiences over 10-15 years to ensure best quality teaching.

  • 22. How may I help Personal Guru if I’m highly satisfied with the home tutoring services by Personal Guru?

    If you’re satisfied with our services, please leave a review for us in Google and Facebook by clicking the following links:


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